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4 Content Marketing Tips for Facebook

problem solver for your fansHi All,

Let's make our Facebook social life a little easier. How you might ask. When considering what content to put in your status update box on your Facebook Business page, consider the following:

Do you know your audience?  Check your Facebook Insights and view your demographics.  Are you talking to clients in their own language because as we know teenagers, adults, luxury clients speak in different terms.

Are you posting at best time of day to reach your "likes"?  Take notice when your fans are responding.  If you notice you are not getting feedback - change the time or even the day of week to reach the "sweet spot".  This information goes back to knowing your audience, your demographics.  For instance, teenagers optimum hours for being Facebook is from 9- 10 PM.

How many times a week are you connecting with your fans on Facebook?  Remember, if your likes are not seeing you on Facebook regularly, you may not come to mind when your fans are planning their next vacation.

Do you align yourself as the problem solver for clients?  For instance, do you share relevant information on where to go, what to do when there is a problem or how to pack for a specific destination.  It is important to do so, and don't forget to answer any questions your "likes" may leave on your Facebook page in a timely manner.


Till next time, I will see you on Facebook.



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Three Tips to Grow Engagement on your FB Biz Page

1.Find out what your fans are interested in, not what you are interested in selling.

Don’t know what your clients are interested in ASK.  Write a poll question to find out. Find out where their passions lie.

2. Write easy to answer closed questions.  For instance, avoid questions like “ what did you enjoy doing during your time on your cruise”. For instance, try, “name the first thing that comes to mind when you were onboard your last cruise.”

3.  Honor your fans; they did not have to like your page.  If a fan asks a question, answer it. Part of being a fan is being able to contact you and have a conversation with you, so be there for them.

Till next time, see you on Facebook,


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Taking a Trip -Post your Blog Posts in advance to FB

Hi All,

Taking a trip, a FAM, or just plaining taking a mental break... There is an easy way to pre-post your blog post to Facebook while you have stepped away from your desk.

In this video, you will learn how to grab the permalink from your blog post and set it up to post into the future on Facebook.


One item you should add additionally is a status update- a sentence or two to go along with your link to let your readers know what the article will contain.

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One great tip for Writing the Fantastic Status Update with an image

Hi All,

Ever get stuck trying to write a caption for an image for your  Facebook Page?

What you write and how you write it can make all the difference when it comes to engagement. The image you use is as equally important.

What I like to do is to consider what the image is going to convey. I ask myself is this something my clients would be interested in, not just me. How can I get my message and connection across without selling but by sharing? I also think about can humor be used to get my post shared. Humor can attract a lot of viral sharing.

So let's look at the following image:  What are our options for sending a status update to our Fans and even sharing on our FB Personal Page, so as to get your fans to note you are in the business of selling Africa without selling it on the page?

We can post image and say something like- Great Safari with NTABA Tours and tag yourself in the vehicle.


Have some fun with the image.  Write a caption that will get your clients engaged.

Try this: What is the Rhino saying to group of travel professionals on a Safari with Ntaba Tours? Write your answer in the comment box.

Think I am a little off my rocker, this post went crazy viral for having some fun.  AND, what it did do is showcase the tour operator and the association running the FAM to Africa to their clients.  It is a win-win-win for everyone.

More to come on this topic.

It does not get better than this!

Until next time, I will see you on Facebook.



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New Camera App for Facebook

There is a new app in town! it is the new camera app for Facebook for the Apple products. So... what so great about it?   You can upload one photo or a bunch of images at the same time, write a caption, include location, add who you were with at the time of the photo was taken and  send to a list. You can also comment or like a friend's images too.

Personally, I would like the app to go one step further be able to have the same capabilities and be able to use it for your business page.  Maybe that is just another update down the road.  To me, that will be when the application will really rock! 🙂

Till next time see you on Facebook,


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FB Timeline Cards – consider it your virtual Biz Card

Hi All,

Just an update to remind you to update your timeline for your personal or business page on Facebook.

WHY? When someone hovers over your name on your update a FB Timeline card pops-up, so make sure your timeline photo and profile picture are just the way you want them to be... professional. It is your virtual biz card on Facebook.

Virtual online biz card



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New Calendar Feature on FB- Simple and puts events infront of more eyeballs

New view for Facebook calendar

Hi All,

In the Old days, about a week ago... if you wanted to see what was going on with your events in Facebook, you would click on the link for events on the left hand-side of your Facebook Home page and see a list of events. Facebook has changed it up a bit and actually it is really good feature. Click on events now and you will be able to view a calendar view of people's birthdays and events.  It is so simple and logical.

As I was clicking through the event tab for creating this blog post, I noticed an event that I had not noticed before, something that was local and I was interested in.  It became an AH-AH moment. What is great about this is, the event was on the calendar, so I saw the date, the day of week, time and I could reply right there on the page. SIMPLE! I probably would not have noticed it before because in the old days it would have just been on a list of events and I would have totally ignored it.

Also, now it makes even more sense to create an event on your FB account. Why? If someone is going to go and check the calendar, your event will be right in front of their eyeballs...every time they check the calendar. 🙂

This is a really good improvement by Facebook.

Until next time, I will see you on FB,


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Why You need a Quality Facebook Business Presence?

Having a quality presence on Facebook is more important than it was  a year ago.

Consider the following:

  •  The new “Like” to your page is a new lead or contact
  • Your Target audience is on Facebook (but  just maybe, they are not one of the 800 million users of Facebook)
  • Your posts add quality backlinks to your website
  • Google crawls Facebook comments
  • Google and Bing Crawl and Index Facebook Pages
  • Your quality posts and links help drive Fans (likes) to your website
  • People are beginning to use the search box on Facebook to begin their searches for information
  • Facebook is easily accessible on mobile devices
  • Your competitors are on Facebook…

Until next time, I will see you on FB,


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